Issue 3. 2016 year

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Derhilova O. H.
Legal acts: definition, classification and social role

Zhurba Yu. A., Honcharenko O. A.
Lobbying: general theoretical analysis

Kiss S. V.
Constitutional definition of Ukraine as a social state: historical and legal analysis

Nalyvaiko L. R., Pizniur I. V.
Procedure of impeachment: problem questions


Hrabylnikova O. A.
Institutional guarantees of constitutional status of voters in Ukraine

Moroziuk S. M.
Principles of the realization of the constitution of Ukraine: definition, features, position in law principles


Braslavets Yu. Yu.
Main problems of liability condominiums

Vylehzhanina V. V.
Current issues transfer of lease for land leases

Hrabovyi O. A.
Influence procedural of the formation and development of general civil

Danyliak Yu. V.
Effective of the judicial protection of the rights of persons who have not been taken into the case in accordance with the legislation of European countries and Ukraine

Naidon A. V.
Features of the definition of “banking secrecy” regarding the contract deposit box at the bank

Patynka Yu. O.
Legal problems of the contract purchase and sale with using internet network

Pivovar D. P.
Standard contract as a regulator of contractual relations

Rieznikova M. O.
In relation to limits of trial of business by court of appellate instance


Koverznev V. O.
Create procedure in Ukraine cooperative organizations: comparative analysis

Shcherbyna Ye. M., Kulikova D. Yu.
Features of legal regulation outdoor advertising on the land plot


Skipenko R. E.
Prospects of accumulation pension system at the present stage


Volokh O. K.
Realization of the right to freedom of movement and free choice of residence in terms of development e-governance in Ukraine

Heorhiievskyi Yu. V.
The balance of executive, local self-government bodies authorities as the most important management principle (constitutional and legal aspect)

Didenko S. V.
Administrative and legal status of national police for ensuring circulation and use of weapons in Ukraine

Yelisieieva M. V.
Practice examination of cases in the part concerning violations of licensing of private security activity

Kovalenko N. V.
On legal regime of cybersecurity in Ukraine

Mandychev D. V.
Of Ukraine commercial courts as the subject of administrative law

Nyzhnyk O. S.
Administrative and legal consolidation of the system of state regional policy in higher education

Ostropilets V. R.
Forms of cooperation of the preliminary investigation mia of Ukraine with other law enforcement agencies

Smotrych D. V.
Frаmеwоrk еnfоrcеmеnt оf judgmеnts іn аdmіnіstrаtіvе cаsеs аnd dеcіsіоns оf thе Еurоpеаn Cоurt оf Humаn Rіghts

Sudakov Yu. O.
Realities of regulatory framework of preventing and combating corruption in Ukraine

Tylipska O. Yu.
The concept and content of administrative ensuarence of the right to peaceful assembly

Shkola S. M.
Legal basis of preventive work of the national police of Ukraine

Shchavinskyi V. R.
The concept of the legal interest and its theoretical and the administrative-legal nature

Yakovenko A. V.
European practice of the European Court of Human Rights, concerning the non court decisions in Ukraine


Bahirov S. R.
Social danger of the negligence crime is committed by several offenders

Bohatyrev A. Y.
Prevention of corruption are near unfreedom ministry of justice

Haiduk Yu. A.
Preventing domestic abuse in national and international law

Halytska O. K.
Use of special knowledge at investigation of pollution of the seas and other water sources

Holoviichuk L. T.
Dynamics of prevention of corruption among customs officials fiscal state of Ukraine (2008-2016 years)

Hospodarenko V. M.
Penal policy eradication us in juvenile crime

Yefimov M. M.
Nature and system criminological characteristics of bullying

Ivanchenko O. Yu.
Cybercrime criminological characteristics, prevention of cybercrime at national level

Ilchenko O. V.
Current issues on implementation criminal offenses legislation in Ukraine

Kavun D. M.
The prosecutor in mechanism for providing rights and legitimate interests victims (individuals) during the pretrial investigation of a criminal offense

Kukina Z. O.
Corporate criminal liability, comparative characteristics of common and civil law approaches

Mykhailyk D. O.
Institute location parole from serving a sentence in the penal process of Ukraine

Naumenko Yu. O.
Some aspects of criminal law qualifications crime under article 364 of the criminal code of Ukraine in the legislative changes

Nechai V. V.
State development theoretically, the use of covert investigators (investigative action) in evasion of taxes, duties (mandatory payments) by an organized group or criminal organization

Pavliichuk K. V.
Concept and nature of prosecutor accusation

Skytenko L. O.
Criminological research on the theoretical and practical aspects of preventive activities to violent juvenile crime

Finchuk V. V.
The activities of organized crime in the fuel and energy complex (FEC) of Ukraine

Cherednyk O. F.
Criminological characteristics and prevention of violent crime against justice committed against witnesses and victims

Chokha K. O.
The applying of amnesty laws in foreign countries


Rustamzade A. Kh.
Legal aspects of the operation and activities of the supreme courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine: comparative analysis