Special Issue Part 1

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Veklych V. O.
Historical experience in relation to counteraction to corruption at times of Ancient Rome and his value at terms of post-soviet corruption environment

Horbova N. A.
Legal culture: concept and essence

Moroz S. P.
State in legal discourse: active aspect

Mudryievska L. M.
The correlation of natural and positive law in the writings of F. V. Taranovskyi

Slisarenko O. M.
Understanding of personal dignity in the Russian state in the era of Peter I

Stepanenko K. V.
Concept and functions of the legal system of Ukraine


Borshevskyi A. P.
Rights of national minorities in the Republic of Moldova as a means to preserve their cultural heritage

Vorontsov V. A.
Constitutional and legal status of national bank of Ukraine

Holovachova K. H.
State regulation of legal issues identefikation in Ukrainian society: how to overcome crisis

Zavorotchenko T. M.
Classification of constitutional subjective political rights and freedoms of man and citizen in Ukraine

Shemshuchenko Yu. S., Tertyshnyk V. M.
Doctrinal problems of the rule of law in the process of constitutional and judicial reform in Ukraine


Stasiuk O. M., Kovpak M. I.
On the functions of the national police in pre protection of civil rights

Fedorych I. Ya.
Conception of secondary rights in realisation of the right of succession


Alieksieienko I. H.
Legislative organization of science Parks as subjects of innovative activity in Ukraine

Hubariev S. V.
Formation the legal regulation mechanism of public relations in business

Iliushchenko H. V.
Some legal aspects of waste management of mining industry

Kadala V. V.
Legal support of economic activities of the Railways in the conditions of reforming of the industry

Kliuieva Ye. M.
To the question of the demonopolization of pilotage services in Ukraine: european experience

Malyi V. Yu.
Features legal regulation of organic production in Ukraine

Khvatyk Yu. A., Kolevych S. A.
Legal regulation of new forms investment activities in the Republic of Belarus: crowdfunding and crowdinvesting


Chabanenko M. M.
Some issues of acting and prospective legal regulation of labor relationships within the farming enterprises of Ukraine

Chernopiatov S. V.
The object of protective labor legal relationships


Artemenko L. V.
Legal mechanism of state support agrarians

Vasina D. Ye.
Ecological and legal status of person and citizen: the etymology and elements

Koshova N. M.
Рrospects for improvement of environmental law Ukraine


Bolokan I. V.
General characteristics of implementation of administrative rules

Boruk V. V.
Forms of administrative legal regulation of investment activities in Ukraine

Dembitska S. L.
Imposition of administrative penalty as reaction of the state in relation to application of compulsion to offenders

Yelisieieva M. V.
Implementation of legislation and experience of foreign countries in the field of private security and the possibility of its use in Ukraine

Zadniprianyi A. O.
General principles of cases challenging the decisions, actions and inaction of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in administrative proceedings

Kovalenko O. Yu.
Features of legal relations on the Internet

Kononets V. P.
On the creation of Financial Police to counter violations of tax laws

Lytvyn O. P.
Directions of perfection of control in the management of local finance

Marchenko O. V.
The genesis of the promissory notes as debt valuable sheet

Omelian V. O.
Рrinciples of administrative discretion of activity of public administration

Prokudin O. S.
Genesis of the problem of training the units of law enforcement forces to carry out combat missions service and internal security Ukraine

Pukhtetska A. A.
Actual issues of the essence, classification renewal regarding administrative law principles in Ukraine

Rezvorovych K. R.
The essence and content of the administrative and legal mechanism for ensuring state policy in the construction industry

Samoilenko A. V.
The compliance of actions on lustration in Ukraine with generally accepted principles of democracy

Tamaria Ya. V.
Legal regulation of public administration subjects on state registration of rights to real estate


Bohatyrov A. I.
The safety mechanism of the penal norms on the prevention of the crime in prison the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Bohatyrov I. H., Didkivska H. V.
Scientific and theoretical aspects suchasnostizlochynnist address global challenges in the area of counterterrorist operation: concept and nature

Bohatyrova O. I., Olefir L. I.
Probation or exemption from probation as joint criminal responsibility

Hotvianskyi I. V.
Fraud as a crime in the economic activity

Zhmykhov Ye. S.
The conceptual problems of criminal liability of the judges for the crime distortion of the law

Kolesnikova O. V.
The influence of education on the level of crime in Ukraine: foreign and domestic experience

Korniakova T. V., Yuzikova N. S.
Criminal legal education – the legal basis for the development of the modern state

Kudriavtsev Ye. V.
Features of source basis of the criminal-procedural law of the USA

Mykhailyk D. O.
The procedural actions of the investigator of the State Criminal-Executive Service of the commit of the crime committed in the institution of execution of punishments

Sachko O. V.
Some questions of criminological research professional activity of journalists in Ukraine

Sivak O. V.
To the question of some problematic aspects of the objective side of illegal occupation of land water resources in a large scale (Art. 239-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

Soskov R. M.
Concept essence “crimes in the sphere of economic relations” in modern Ukrainian criminology

Tahiiev S. R.
Carrying covert investigative (detective) actions in the framework of international legal assistance in criminal proceedings

Trembach I. I.
Concept of state secret as an object of criminal protection

Khoroshun O. V.
Criminal legal analysis rash of injuries of varying severity in the former USSR

Chaika Yu. A.
Technical-psychological instruments which swindlers use

Cherednyk A. F.
Protection participants in criminal proceedings: criminological and penal aspects

Shynkarenko I. R., Moroz S. M.
Problems of legal regulation of the use by investigator of confidential collaboration with other persons

Yurchyshyn V. M.
On the legal basis crimanal proceedings