Special Issue Part 2

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Kostiuk M. L.
Definitive problems of law creation

Markov K. A.
Contradictions and the unity of the concepts of lawful and social state

Taldykin O. V.
Testamentary ability in the structure of the legal personality

Chukaieva V. O.
A form of the state system of east slavs in IX – XIII of centuries: theoretical aspect


Boniak V. O.
Methodological analysis of modern interpretations of the concept „constitutional-legal regulation”

Kornieva O. V.
Institutional innovations in the organization of local government of Ukraine in the conditions of decentralization reform

Priamitsyn V. Yu.
Content of the right to higher education

Uvarov V. H.
Paradigm the functions and principles of legal certainty, in the development of the procurator as public institutions

Chepulchenko T. O.
Democratic values: theoretical and legal aspects

Cherniak Ye. V.
Form of government change as a goal of constitution transformation: comparative aspect

Chystokolianyi Ya. V.
European standards and criteria for institutional independence of the constitutional justice and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine


Honcharova A. V., Byriak L. P.
The hereditary legal relationships in Ukraine and the West European countries: comparative analysis

Hrabylnikova O. A.
Prospects of improvement of the mechanism of protection of the rights of the parties of executive production

Zabrodina O. V.
Actual issues of limitation of the labor and civil legal agreement

Matrosova Ye. O.
Comparative analysis of systems of state registration of countries of the Roman-German legal family

Paterylo I. V.
To the question of the actual problems of the ownership right in Ukraine

Pushkina O. V., Todoroshko T. A.
Concept and forms of domestic violence

Sosna A., Arseny Y.
Distributor agreement in the law of foreign countries

Khodieieva N. V.
Limitation of implementation right to information about their health


Aparov A. M.
Some aspects of evolution of legal mechanisms of providion of economic public interests in Ukraine in the context of European integration and the search for a strategic model of economic law

Hordiienko T. O.
The scope of judicial control over the activities of non-state organs of economic jurisdiction


Bozhenko N. V.
The nature and characteristics of pre-judicial settlement of legal and administrative disputes

Boruk Yu. V.
Some aspects of state control over bankruptcy proceedings in foreign countries

Verhun A. O.
Some aspects of international information security

Humbatov A. A.
The state of the financial responsibility for the tax code of Ukraine

Donenko V. V., Husieva Ye. I.
Social condition of participation of citizens in the safety of road trafficking

Zadyraka N. Yu.
The origins of the development of scientific thought on public property

Ivko A. I.
Modernization of the civil service of Ukraine: European standards of administration

Kobrusieva Ye. A.
Actual questions of qualification of actions as administrative corruption offenses under the norms of anti-corruption legislation

Komisarov O. H., Boiko O. I.
Theoretical and legal Model of enforcement measures by the National Police

Lehka O. V.
Local administrative responsibility in the system of legal responsibility of Ukraine

Lytvynenko Ye. Yu.
Actual issues of administrative legislation codification in European countries

Mizina I. V.
Legal aspects of local finansing under desentralization of power in Ukraine

Moskaliuk N. V.
Actual issues of normative fixation of executive bodies functions in Ukraine

Ovcharenko A. S.
The social justice principle implementation in vehicle taxation in Ukraine

Skipenko R. E.
Effective system of management of state finances as a component of pension reform of Ukraine

Sokolenko O. L.
Right on appeal of citizens – one of the main factors of a democratic society

Timchenko S. V.
The model of the institute of administrative justice in the European legal systems

Chernyshova T. V.
Logic analysis of legislative term „public information”

Shcherbyna Ye. M.
Administrative responsibility for the placement of outdoor advertising on the land

Yakovenko Ye. O.
Current legal aspects of enforcement by the state enforcement service and enforcement documents of the court

Yashchenko T. V.
Improvement of government control of markets of financial services and strategic priorities of their development


Buriak K. M.
Professional journalists activity as object criminal protection the impact of international criminal law

Halaburda N. A.
On domestic criminal law of Ukraine

Yesypchuk I. V.
The social and legal characteristic of the subject of the crime provided by Art. 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine

Krasnobryzha A. A.
The methodology of legal measures in upholding the public prosecution

Polonova N. I.
Features definition of criminal-legal protection secret pre-trial investigation: theoretical-legal aspects

Romaniuk Kh. I.
Objective aspect of the illegal conduction of abortion

Stupa V. F.
The concept of “objective aspect” of the crime of neglect of official duty (Art. 367 Criminal code of Ukraine)

Ferenets O. B.
Activities of the prosecutor’s offices for fight against corruption out of the sphere of criminal justice

Khrapenko V. S.
The conteraction of notaries to the cybercrimes that are comitted in the process of state registration of rights to real estate

Yurchenko V. O.
Criminological characteristics of smuggling in Ukraine


Berezhna K. V.
The rule of law: to the question of conformity to EU law standarts

Vedkal V. A.
Trends and prospects of international legal regulation of trade in services

Zadorozhna S. M.
Genesis of general principles of law as a source of international law

Kalashnykov V. M.
Military policy “founding fathers” of the United States: theory and practice