Issue 3. 2017 year

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Andrusiv L. M.
Promulgation of statutory legal acts as a stage of law-making

Andrukhiv O. I.
Historical and law study of the status and activities of the institute of public inspectors in the western regions of the Ukrainian SSR in the post-war years

Dudchenko V. V.
Interpersonal value of law (according to the teachings of Carlos Cossio)

Ilyn L. M.
Separate issues of the implementation of the imperial and regional legislation in Galicia last third of the XIX century

Melenko O. V.
Psychological and legal characteristics of content of legal activity over the prize of personal quality (Professionality of the Human Rights)

Tretiak S. M.
Establishing of effective and transparent bodies of local self-governing in the process of development of Ukrainian civil society


Varunts L. D.
Features of the constitutional and legal status of the head of state in Canada

Kirika D. V.
The impact of local governments on the democratic transformation of the state power in Ukraine

Riabovol L. T.
Constitutional order Ukraine: scientific discussion around definition and structuring


Alieksieieva N. S.
The meeting providing as means of defence of interests of defendant in civil procedure

Kapitanenko N. P.
Trade secret as object of intellectual property

Kostriukov S. V., Kulinych K. A.
Peculiarities of the contract of passengers’ carriage by railway transport

Maikut Kh. V.
Problems of legal assessment of medical error

Olkhovyk L. A., Fuchedzhi V. D.
Concept and content of medical services in Ukraine

Fedorenko T. V.
Problems of legal adjusting of inheritance after testament


Artemenko L. V.
The legislative providing of the having a special purpose use of earth of the agricultural setting is in Ukraine

Bochkov P. V.
Economic activity of religious organizations as kind of extra cult religious activity

Kuliiev A. Yu., Tsymbalist L. S.
Features of legal regulation of activity of maritime agent in Ukraine

Melnychuk M. O.
Сompensation for lost profit in business activity


Marusevych D. O.
Financial and legal aspects of police salaries


Berehelia I. M.
Administrative and legal regulation of the protection of animal when human beings using a person action

Bilenko M. S.
Corporate law of businesspersons as object administrativeand legal regulation

Bilenko O. A.
Key aspects of the application of the administrative responsibility law of Ukraine for the commission of corruption offenses

Hidenko Ye. S.
Features detention policemen with weapons

Honchar A. H.
The types of financing and logistics of the National Police of Ukraine

Kaplia O. M.
Accessibility of judicial protection as a principle of administrative legal proceedings of Ukraine

Kubaienko A. V.
Problems preventing and combating corruption in the police: international experience

Lisovol O. M.
Genesis of financial and legal regulation currency control

Maksimentseva N. O.
Regulatory provision of state administration in the field of use and reproduction of subsoil

Nechyporuk Yu. M.
The correlation between administrative and civil liability for offenes in the information sphere

Ovsiannykov E. S.
The structure of the budget expenditures under the legislation of Ukraine

Petrovskyi O. M.
The formation of single information space

Sirenko M. M.
tax and legal regulation of credit relations

Tylchyk V. V., Shpak N. A.
On the issue of administrative and legal support for the elimination of corruption risks in the civil service in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre of Ukraine

Tylchyk O. V.
Normative and legal protection against the tinnism of economy: retrospective review and proposals


Andrushko A. V.
On some aspects of criminal liability for taking of hostages

Boichenko V. P.
Protection of public morality by means of criminal law

Bundz R. O.
Description of criminology of crimes accomplished by minor with the special cruelty

Iskenderov F. Sh.
Analysis of personality at sentencing process

Karpova N. Yu.
The modification of the circle of trespassed because of being deprived of the right to be defended according to the legislative change of Ukrainian criminal laws

Kochurina D. V.
Deprivation of right to hold a concrete post or to engage a concrete profession as optimal sort of a punishment for negligent crimes

Pavelko Yu. R.
Features of beginning of pre-trial investigationare on the crimes related to infection of immunodeficit of man or other incurable infectious disease or venereal illness virus

Palamarchuk K. V.
Punishment for committing robbery under Criminal law Ukraine and foreign countries: comparative legal analysis

Stokych V. A.
The procedure of applization of personal liability as a preventive measure

Stolitnii A. V., Holmberg J.
An electronic criminal procedure in Sweden

Fedorova O. F., Leskiv S. R.
Criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration: disadvantages and prospects of its reformation

Khyzhniak Ye. S.
The tactical methods of exercising investigative inspection of the documents

Cherkasov S. V.
Alternative penalties: current state of implementation and problems of efficiency

Shuba B. V.
Protection of cultural property: lex rei sitae vs. Counteraction to illicit traffic (international experience)


Panchenko I. S.
Problem issues of the place of alienation of immovable property contract

Fedchyshyn A. A.
Expert support of alternative arbitration jurisdiction: legal basis of functioning in Ukraine and in international arbitration practice


Andriienko V. V.
Unidroit Convention on International Factoring as an international legal basis for the functioning of forfeiting transboundary agreements

Boiko I. S.
Armed interstate disputes in practice of the European Court of Human Rights

Filipska N. O., Zadniprovska O. Yu.
Combating child-soldiers in military conflicts