Issue 4. 2017 year

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Kovalova S. H.
Arm as a symbol in medieval European conscience (VI – XIV сenturies)

Kozak Yu.-M. R.
Nation as a systemative subject of the legitimating processes of the state power

Serediuk V. Yu.
Defense of the «Ukrainian question» and the view of «nation» and «national state»


Chukaieva V. O., Ditsman K. D.
Realization of right for the formation in the Ukraine: contemporary problems of the reformation


Huivan P. D.
On the judicial application of limitation of actions

Zhdankina L. K.
The analysis of the experience of civil legal adjusting of set-off as a way of termination of civil obligations on the example of individual EU countries

Zavalna Zh. V.
Anthropological and psychological aspects of agreement-based regulation of relations

Sieraia A. K.
To the issue of the ratio of power of attorney and the contract of agency


Tolkach S. M.
Agriculture: current problems and prospects for green tourism development


Triukhan O. A.
Protection of workers from mobbing in the workplace: theoretical and legal aspect

Furlet N. Ya.
Features of labor law relationship with the higher education manager


Braslavskyi R. H.
The convention on the avoidance of double taxation as a source of consolidation of the principles of tax law

Hubina H. L.
Licensing bodies in the Ukraine marine sphere (retrospective aspect)

Denysova A. V.
Specific legislative news for regulation of administrative supervision methods established by National policy of Ukraine

Kazanchuk I. D.
Strengthening the interaction of the National police Ukraine and the public – path to the effective implementation of environmental functions of the state

Kovbasiuk V. V.
The notion of a system of protection and protection of administrative legal relations

Kravets M. O.
Administrative liability of legal entities

Lesko N. V.
Analysis of the experience of European countries in the protection of children on violence

Lukiantsev S. O.
Profit display tax as composition of tax system

Nadon O. V.
The Council of Ukraine on National Security and Defense and the Security of Ukraine as a special competent for the provision of financial security of banks

Ostrovskyi S. O.
Concept and content of informational and analytical activity as an element of informational and analytical support of interaction of the national Guard of Ukraine with law enforcement bodies and armed forces of Ukraine

Panova H. V.
Characteristics of decisions, actions, inactivity of subjects of public administration as grounds for interference of an administrative court in the administrative discretion

Rusyn M. O.
Periodization of formation and development of legal regulation of higher education in Ukrainian lands

Rusyn M. O.
State administration of higher education: general notions and brench features

Smyrnova K. V.
Regulatory aspect of the definition of principles of state registration of business entities

Tylchyk O. V.
The classification of normative legal acts regulating the issues of counteracting the shadow economy in Ukraine

Chornyi O. A.
The principle of fiscal adequacy in ensuring the unity of legal regulation of the sphere of public finance in Ukraine

Shumeiko I. P.
Forms of administrative and legal counteraction to violation of corporate rights in Ukraine


Akymova A. S.
Features of the object of crimes committed with particular cruelty

Horpyniuk O. P.
Current state of drug crimes in Ukraine

Hryshchenko N. M.
Object unlawful appropriation of property companies, institutions, organizations

Davydenko V. L.
Criminal legal mechanism to ensure the protection of the right of authority

Zinkovskyi I. P.
Execution by investigator a ruling of an investigating judge on the provisional access to objects and documents

Kyrychenko V. L.
Proof of the alternative conclusion in cases on the continuation of compulsory medical measures

Lytvyn A. A.
Criminalistic characteristics of crimes considered in the sphere of medicines circulation

Milova T. M.
Criminal legal characteristics illicit enrichment (ST 368-2 of the CC) in the context of the reform of section XIV Criminal Code of Ukraine

Novosad Yu. O.
Activation of the scientific researches related to the activity of the prosecutor’s office – requirements of nowadays

Panchenko O. V.
Constitution of the institute of criminal liability in Ukraine (comparative legal aspects)

Kharytonov S. O.
To the question about the method of committing a military crimes on the criminal legislation of Ukraine


Isakova V. M.
The principle of good faith and party autonomy within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Knysh S. V.
Prerequisites of introducing of institute ombudsman of European Union

Seleznov V. Ye.
Problems of legal regulation of digital currencies in the EU