Issue 3. 2018 year

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Brovko N. I.
Consciousness of the human person: historical monuments and scientific thought

Humeniuk T. I.
Modern comparative legal research: basic criteria of modernization

Dudchenko V. V., Rusavska O. O.
Legal technology (based on the theory of professor Rudolf Iyering)

Yermakova H. S.
Eurointegration aspect of the creation of a Ukrainian orthodox church – Kyiv patriarchate: public and legislative aspects

Zavhorodnii V. A.
Informational and psychological aspect of the legal influence of the practice of European court of human rights on legal activity in Ukraine

Kuftyriev P. V.
Proving in ancient Jewish law

Minchenko O. V.
The role of semiotics in the processes of the formation and realization of law

Selikhov D. A.
Law enforcement practice of the state banks activity of providing the agricultural manufacturers of the Poltava region with working capital (the end of the ХІХth and the beginning of the ХХth centuries)

Sichevliuk V. A.
The categorical-conceptual cognition by the theory of law the variable nature of the phenomenon of legal subjectity

Starykova S. I.
Concept, features and actual issues of legal doctrine

Feltsan I. Yu.
The origin and development of advocacy in Zakarpattya from the earliest times to the first half of the 19th century (historico-legal aspects)

Yankovets I. V.
Positive discrimination and positive actions as a social and legal phenomenon


Panchyshyn R. I.
Classification of criteria of capacity of the united national territorial community

Tertyshnyk V. M., Sachko O. V., Koshovyi O. H.
Principles of law in the integrative doctrine of perfection of criminal legislation


Huivan P. D.
To the question of the legal nature of the essential elements of acquisitive prescription

Lezhnieva T. M., Palieieva Yu. S.
Some innovations concerning third parties in the national civilistic procedure

Panova S. I.
To the question about acquisition of immovable property status of a monument of architecture

Tsvihun I. M.
Legal regulation of mortgage of land plots: comparative legal analysis of the provisions of the current legislation

Yurkiv R. O.
Compulsary transfer of rights to an invention (utility model)

Yaroshevska T. V.
An improvement of mechanisms of the regulation of legal relations in the sphere of technology transfer


Horbachenko Yu. M., Panimash Yu. V.
Factors of optimization of legality and official discipline in organs and subdivisions of civil defence

Pozharova O. V.
Decent working conditions for women: international standards and legislation of Ukraine

Chabanenko M. M., Chernopiatov S. V.
Protection of women’s labor: trend and prospects (to the issue of the ministry of health of Ukraine order no. 256 of 29.12.1993 cancellation)


Deineha M. A.
Legal aspects of the use of natural resources in the context of the realization of the “green” economy concept in Ukraine as a constituent sustainable development


Datsiuk T. K., Liahuta M. O.
Development of “community policing” strategy in national politics of Ukraine

Zapototska O. V.
Concept and features of control as a means of public administration in the field of food safety and quality

Kozachenko Yu. A.
The patient’s right to medical secret in Ukraine: the administrative-legal aspect

Korniienko M. V.
Normative and legal regulation of protection of the rights оf the child in the laws of Ukraine

Pasika S. P., Opanasenko O. O., Skyba O. S.
Legal framework of placing servicemen in categories

Pryputen D. S.
Public service law in modern domestic administrative legal science: research priorities

Solopenko V. V.
Expenditures for the development of physical culture and sports from the state and local budgets: legal aspects

Stolbovyi V. M.
Formation of positive image of subjects of service relations in the sphere of national security of Ukraine

Susak M. S.
Differentialization of the proceedial development of the administrative court of the first instance depending on the participants of the administrative process

Tytarenko M. V.
Incentives in public service law: classification issues

Shevchuk M. O.
Information support of the state fiscal service, which provide collection of property taxes

Shymon O. M.
Foreign experience of legal regulation and the application of restrictions and prohibitions as a means to prevent an administrative offence related to corruption

Shurupova K. V., Shustrova K. V.
Administrative and legal aspects of regulation of information interaction between authorities and citizens


Bahirov S. R.
Remarks to construct «negligent co-causality» in theory of criminal law: review some scientific positions

Horb Yu. V.
Reasons for climate criminal protection. News in st. 284 Criminal Procedural Code

Zaitsev O. V.
Guarantees of procedural independence of the investigation body of the pre-trial investigation of the national police of Ukraine

Kolos O. V.
General approaches to the incorporation replications crimes in the special part of the Criminal Code Ukraine

Lopashchuk D. I.
Criminal-legal characteristic of the subjective side of the contract killing

Nevmerzhytskyi Ye. V., Hrytsaienko L. R.
New anti-corruption legislation: what other mechanisms need to include to make it work?

Rybalko V. O.
The modern conceptions of the evaluative notions

Tertychna A. A.
Qualified types of the court decision non-enforcement (ch. 2-4 art. 382 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

Fedchyshyna V. V.
Special economic knowledge and their use during operational and investigative activities, pre-trial investigation and trial: theoretical and legal foundations

Chlenov M. V.
To the question of the terms` prolongation of the private investigative (detective) procedures that are conducted on the basis of the decree of the іnvestigator, prosecutor

Shupiana M. Yu.
Bringing to suicide: historical - legal analysis criminal legislation, which acted on the Ukrainian lands


Brus I. I., Maksimentseva N. O.
Representation by prosecutor of the state’s interests in the state in land sector


Hrynchak I. V.
Comparative analysis of models of arbitration proceedings in the International Public Law

Koruts U. Z., Vyshnevskyi B. S.
International legal responsibility for crimes of propaganda and disinformation

Rozghon O. V.
Significance of the principle of the autonomy of will in a marriage contract

Khudieva Fidan Gusein gyzy
The right to the self-defense and the problem of the preventive [preventive] strike