Issue 1. 2018 year

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Atamanova N. V.
Features of the legal becoming of the “new course” of president of the USA Franklin Roosevelt

Katkova T. H.
The principle of non-interference as the basic principle of the East Asian legal understanding

Kovalova S. H.
Social peace as a value in medieval European legal conscience (V–XVI сenturies): evolution of the concept

Mazaraki N. A.
Enforceability of mediation settlement agreement

Malozhon O. I.
Judicial reduction: orthodox studies

Pavliv-Samoil N. P., Rudanetska O. S.
Formation of the Legal Policy of the Ukrainian state in modern conditions

Priamitsyn V. Yu., Volodko M. M.
Protection of the right to higher education

Reminska Yu. Yu.
Ontological prerequisites for the rule of law international dimension (theoretically-legal argumentation)

Savchenko K. Yu.
Legal practice is in the conditions of reformation of the judicial system in Ukraine

Sydorenko O. P.
Legal provision: interpretation of the concept


Maciej Borski
Selected instruments of the polish electoral law enabling people with disabilities to exercise an active voting right

Kostenko Ya. V.
The legal status of the child in national legislation

Pyroha I. S.
Social policy of Ukraine: legal aspects of supply

Chystokolianyi Ya. V.
Concept of Human Dignity in the constitutional law of the European states, European Union and Ukraine: the main differences

Shvets Yu. Yu.
International legal protection rules on the right of persons in the protection of health: ways of implementation in national legislation

Yavtushenko O. V.
Principles of the constitutional status of person: trends and development perspectives


Karpenko R. V.
Legal rights of the family members of the owner of some dwelling to use this dwelling

Makarevych O. V.
Actual problems of reforms of the legislation in the sphere of liquidation of legal entities

Nehoda O. A.
Civil legal protection child’s housing rights

Omelchenko O. P.
Donor informed consent as the legal tool of the research biobanking regulation

Sushko D. O., Karpenko R. V.
Using the inhabited apartments in houses state and public housing funds

Yarymovych U. V.
Contracts with the defects of will in law of Ukraine and in law of the European Union: comparative aspect


Bodnarchuk O. H., Bodnarchuk O. I.
Internet commerce in Ukraine: contradictions in development and trends of harmonization

Hlukh A. M.
Specifics of functioning of joint stock companies and its activity in the prize of new legislation

Poliakova K. V.
«mixed» legal status of local self-government bodies and its influence on determining the content of their economic competence

Sichko L. O.
Authority of the stock exchange of the control for participants of trades and emitents

Fedorova T. S.
Economic justice as a component of the justice system


Rusal L. M.
Concept of the right of employment and its source

Servetskyi I. V., Nazarenko O. L.
Social welfare of employees (workers) of operative subdivisions of security service of Ukraine

Uvarova N. V.
To the problem of determining the forms for resolving collective labor disputes


Borshchevska O. M., Ivanova O. M.
The right to environmental information and information about the state of the environment as the composition of the implementation of human rights for safety environment

Melnyk O. H.
Sustainable land use and solving environmental issues in the European Union as an experiences to ensure sustainable development in Ukraine


Bileka A. A., Dulherova O. M.
To the problem of normative legal regulation of civil security in Ukraine

Hetmantsev D. A.
Topical issues of taxation of the digital economy

Horodetska I. A.
Administrative responsibility for the violations in the area of protection, use and reproduction of the animal world in Ukraine: concept and features

Pakhomova A. O.
The legal basis for the development of agro-technology parks in Ukraine

Soldatenko O. V.
Financial law and tax law as educational subjects: current state problems

Stasiuk O. L.
Administration as a special subject to provide implementation of the rights oxygen function in Ukraine: administrative and legal aspects

Sudarenko O. V.
The powers of local councils in the field of taxes

Fatkhutdinov V. H.
Peculiarities of administrative and legal regulation of public safety

Khomyshyn I. Yu.
Normative-legal regulation of pre-school education in Ukraine

Shoptenko S. S.
Proceedings on citizens’ complaints: content and implementation problems


Anishchuk V. V.
The age of criminal responsibility: comparative legal analysis

Berdnik I. V.
Singularities of proficiency of crimes at a concurrence of criminally-precepts of law (on example of item 239-1 CC of Ukraine and item 239-2 CC of Ukraine)

Buhera O. I.
Increasing the level of legal culture society, using opportunities of networks internet

Bialkovskyi D. A.
Ensuring constitutional rights and freedoms of persons in the consideration of complaints on the decisions, actions or inability of the bodies of pre-investigation or prosecutor

Drahan O. V.
The concept and types of criminal and legal measure

Kerniakevych-Tanasiichuk Yu. V.
Acts of the judicial authorities in the system of sources of the criminal-executive policy of Ukraine

Kuryliuk Yu. B.
Distinctions of a blanket disposition of the article 332-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine

Mohyla V. S.
Issues of proving the necessity of conducting a search (according to perspective criminal procedural legislation)

Pereverza O. Ya., Katkova T. H.
Problems of legal regulation and tactics of conducting compulsory education, which is accompanied by the appearance of a person

Potiak V. I.
The form of criminal-law mechanism of securing the fulfillment of agreements of reconciliation

Takhtarov M. P.
The problem of compulsory participation of prosecutors in preparatory proceedings in the criminal process

Yurchyshyn V. M.
Freedom of protection of protected rights and legal interest


Vlad S. F.
Features of organization of work of the local prosecutor’s office concerning protection of the rights and freedoms of minors in the enforcement of court decisions in criminal proceedings


Hrushko M. V.
Military crimes as an international jus cogens