Issue 2. 2016 year

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Ivchenko Yu. V.
Patriotism as the value of the modern state (discussion questions)

Kurakin O. M.
Analysis of the ratio the category “efficiency of legal regulation” and related concepts

Marushchak N. V.
On the issue of the relationship between international and national law in the area of human rights

Mateichuk R. I.
The concept and characteristic of methods of legal forms of people's deputies of Ukraine activity

Mynhela O. A.
Legal practice: engineering and technology in legal work

Pavlova M. A.
The comparison of collateral estoppel and certain related categories

Podorozhna T. S.
Legal factors constitutionalization legal order

Chan Bin Lin
Key principles of criminal law of the PRC


Zvozdetska I. V.
Legal characteristics of parliamentary procedures

Zvozdetskyi V. M.
Auxiliary apparatus of parliamentary associations

Chystokolianyi Ya. V.
Human rights and freedoms in constitutional law Ukraine and EU comparative aspect


Aksiutina A. V.
On the objects of producer’s services

Bulat Ye. A.
Legal basis of values of jurisprudence: philosophical and legal aspect

Butryn-Boka N. S.
The legal fixing of determination is “corporate laws” on legislation of Ukraine

Drohoziuk K. B.
Procedural and legal nature of court decisions of the European court of human rights in proving in the civil procedure of Ukraine

Malskyi M. M.
Ukrainian judicial practice as the source of transnational enforcement process

Nemesh P. F.
The legal nature of certification marks in intellectual property


Mohilevskyi L. V.
Institute of labour law as part of the structure of labor law

Sotskyi A. M.
Professional selection: law problems

Tkach O. A.
Problems of competition regulation as the legal form of evaluation of professional individual characteristics


Bodnarchuk O. I.
Legal providing of system of guardianship above children-orphans in Poland: experience for Ukraine

Leheza Ye. O.
Description of significant proceedings of public services

Lytvyn I. I.
The content of administrative and legal relations in the sphere of educational services

Litvinova Ye. V.
Procedural rules finance law: practice step ahead researchers

Muliavka D. H.
Information support of customs Ukraine

Musiienko O.P.
The bodies which carry out administrative measures of prevention and combating corruption under the new anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine

Piatkov P. V.
The competence differentiation criteria relative to entities of administrative services in the urban planning field providing legality ensure

Rakul O. V.
Updating the factors that determine the features of formation fiscal Ukraine in modern conditions

Reshetnik A.R.
Some of the controversial issues concerning civil service reform in Ukraine

Simonova I.P.
The forms of administrative legal regulation of public service relations in controlling bodies in the sphere of taxation


Babanin S. V.
Object of raiding

Bezkorovainyi B. V.
On the question of application of psychological influence in the identification of mental images

Vynokurov O. V.
Protecting the rights of suspect in the election of a preventive measure as detention

Melnychenko S. P.
Forensic provision of interrogation of a suspect in the investigation of crimes committed with firearms

Nesterova I. A.
The causes and conditions of crimes in the tourist business sphere

Nikolaienko T. B.
Security protection of the convicted military enduring “detention in a penal battalion” punishment

Pletenets V. M.
Organization and tactics of interrogation alleged mercenary-violent criminal offenses

Pchelina O. V.
Tactical tasks of investigating crimes related to service activity

Riabykh N. V.
Regulatory support of the rights at protecting the life and health of persons sentenced to imprisonment

Khyzhna O. R.
Rights and freedoms of citizens in emergency and martial law

Chupryna A. O.
The prevention of real estate fraud in housing sphere as an object of scientific research


Topchii V. V.
Models of military courts in the European Union: comparative legal analysis


Bortnyk N. P.
Referee report on monographic research of O. O. Surilova “government control of use and protection of mineral resources of Ukraine”